Monday, May 12, 2014

Art III -- Perspective Mural Final

In making this piece, my group ran into many problems. For one thing, a janitor told us that we couldn't use our original medium of chalk which made us turn to duct tape for the project. Then, we had to figure out just how to get the tape set up correctly. This was really hard to do with our original cardboard cutout because everyone had different heights and if they wanted to look through the cardboard and line it up with what we had done, it sometimes would look funny and not quite right. From there, our group was really big and it led to us sometimes not being happy because some people thought it would look better one way and others thought it would look better another.

In general, I'm just glad it's done. As much as I was glad to learn how to make it look like letters were just floating around, I'm happy to be back inside and making art in the art room instead of constantly tearing down tape and remaking the letter "R."

Art III -- Parallel Project Halfway Point

I had the idea of using the airplane that went missing. I'm making a multimedia of a boy looking up at the sky with a remote control in one hand. He's searching for his model airplane, but it's nowhere to be seen.

Art III -- Perspective Mural Halfway Point

This is the idea for the perspective mural. My group will be making the word "PRIDE" across a wall in our school in our school colors.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Art III -- Time as an Element Final

In making this piece I learned how to blend a little bit more with paints. This shows especially on the boy's hair on the furthest right. Aside from that, I found this piece to be really complicated to create. My brushes never seemed to be small enough. Yet, it was really fun to make all the same. I enjoyed working on the piece even if I feel I could have made my person look a little better somehow.

Also, being that so many people at my table were painting we all got to help each other out.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Art III -- Time as an Element Halfway Point

So, this project was tricky for me to come up with an idea for. I wanted to show time passing through my piece but the biggest question had to be on how to get it to do just that. I had this idea involving fruit and developing a character. I really wanted to develop a character, though. So that's what I finally ended up going with. The only problem had to be on how to show a few simple lines turning into a character. Usually I develop character like this:

As you can see, I gradually changed a few lines into something more human and then it turned into a character. Of course, no one usually lets the lines part of character development be shown. It's what made it tricky for me. I didn't want to have a weird take on the evolution of a human being picture where the monkey gradually turns into a man, but I did want to show a stick figure moving through a background and turning into a person. That's when it hit me. I could have him be getting ready for the day and that makes him turn into a character. Kind of like slowly developing after waking up and then eating breakfast. So I designed my house.

It's light on my plans, but it's there. I'm hoping that the idea of mixing movement with time works. Movement is a bit of a risk for me in general.
After planning, I began to figure out colors. I knew my character would look like this:

But I needed to know how he'd look with some color. I think I did really well with colored pencils. I mean, his hair looks really good!


After that, I painted. I, so far, have only the house.

It took me awhile to come up with how to get it to look this way. I kind of got inspired off of a doll house. I wanted it to look somewhat juvenile and have a complex inside. The background appears very smooth and dreamy, too. I wanted that to be there for helping viewers see that it is kind of like a dream and at the same time, I put colors of a sunrise in there so it would seem a little like waking up from a dream.

Art III -- Space

In Mr.Sand's absence we were given a prompt to make art with. The theme was "Space." I made space turtles.
I used a lot of water colors and colored pencils to make this piece as well as a pen for the outlines of my turtles, but enough of that. Allow me to introduce the turtles.

This is the sun. He's actually a firefly:

This is Mercury:

This is Venus:

This is Earth:

This is Mars:

This is Jupiter:

This is Saturn:

This is Uranus:

This is Neptune:

And this is Pluto:

Art III -- Appropriation Final

3. Artists communicate through their work.
- self-express
- include personal interests
- examine important issues

I wanted this art piece to show a mom, but not the every day, run of the mill kind of mom. She had to be somewhat frightening while showing that mom vibe of helping out her family and being a good mother in general. I went with a bit of a stereotype to help show this by shoving my mummy in the kitchen. Moms can be pretty cool, though. I mean, everyone has a different mom (unless it's your sister or brother or something.) Most think of mom and they wouldn't exactly say cool, they would probably say kind or caring. I wanted to show how cool a mom can actually be. So, why not a really cool looking mummy? My own mother likes zombies and stuff, but she hates werewolves. Most don't know that by looking at her. I kind of realized halfway through this project that everyone should look at my drawing and think of how quirky their own mom can be.

5. Artists collaborate.
- share ideas and knowledge
- teach
- help

I actually asked for tons of help on this piece. I really didn't want to mess up. I mostly asked, "Does this look good?" and "I feel like it's missing something. Would you say this needs  (Insert art supply)?"
Most of the time, I was reassured that the piece looked fine and that I hadn't messed up yet. This really helped me out. I kind of inspired myself on this piece, though.

6. Artists solve problems.
- try alternative solutions
- use mistakes as learning opportunities

I had written earlier that I had hoped to use coffee as the color for the background and not the color coffee, but the actual beverage to paint with. Yet, I had problems. My coffee only came in one shade and it was really light. I tried using tea as well, but that was even lighter than the coffee. I ended up having to use watercolor anyways for parts of the background. It still looks good, but not all of it is coffee, which can be a little depressing.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Art III -- Appropriation Halfway Point

1. Artists create original art.
-think creatively
-develop original ideas

I used my own idea of making a mom out of a mummy. I didn't use any sources for inspiration, I just made up what I thought would look good and drew it. As I made it, I kind of thought about Starry night, though. On my final, I used the lines on the mummy's apron.

2.  Artists develop art making skills.
- learn techniques and processes
- explore media

I have used pen and ink before, but I feel like I have done more with my skills than I've ever done before. I had never done so much with a pen before and I'm really happy with how it came out and where it is going.

4. Artists take risks.
- try new things
- experiment

To add some color to my project, I plan to use coffee or tea. I think it will help give it the aged look I want it to have. I'm going to test it out on some scrap paper before applying it to the final.

Art III -- Text as an Element

I made balloons fly without any helium in this one. I think that's pretty talented. I used oil pastels on this one.

Art III -- Tension

When I hear tension, I think of a battle. I thought that the most tense part of a battle is the last few seconds before the victory. That being so, I sketched out this. I used markers and colored pencils.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Art II -- Altered Book/Sculpture

This is my altered book. I cut out layers of it's pages to make it open up to a picture. Then I painted it to help it stand out a little more. After that, I drew the cover of my book. This project was really hard to do, but with patience, I was able to complete it. I would have liked to have more time to work on the cover, but it still looks really nice either way.

Drawing -- Character Development Part 2

This is the main village setting where Aella, X, and Delta live. X has his own house that Aella usually breaks into to be with X. Delta, being a higher ranked slayer, lives in the giant tree. Delta protects village heads from within there. 

This shows how a battle would go between them. Delta goes power crazy and summons her powers to attempt destroying Aella. X is just trying his best to get out alive. Aella wants X to fight by her side.

Drawing -- Character Development Part 1

This is X. He is a demon slayer and, like all demon slayers, his name is given due to his rank as a slayer. Seeing as how he is X, it's obvious to see how low ranked he is. X is really bad at his job. It could be from his asthma or maybe it's from his being really bad at magic, but he's terrible at slaying demons. He's become a coward and most of his scratches are what's left from a near death experience.

This is Aella. She is a demon and she loves X. She enjoys the fact that she is constantly protecting him and keeping him safe from harm. Aella also means whirlwind, which refers to her fighting style. She's practically everywhere at once when it comes to protecting X. X doesn't like Aella too much, he's kind of caught between slaying her as a demon slayer should or taking credit for her kills and going up in ranks of a demon slayer. Aella doesn't think X would ever have the guts to kill her, though.

Lastly, this is D. She is much higher in the ranks than her brother, X. Of course, D isn't very effeminate and that bothers her. She calls herself Delta instead. Delta, after meeting Aella, knew something was off about her. She knew that Aella had to be a demon. With that being the case, she made it her personal quest to rid Aella of the mortal world. X, using Aella's power to leap through the demon slaying ranks, sees good reason to attempt hiding Aella's being a demon from Delta. X's acts to hide Aella, usually result in saying that he and Aella are dating and he feels horrible saying such lies. As for Delta, she's a demon slaying machine and does anything to get her kill. She's pretty much insane with getting the job done and she doesn't care what relationship X and Aella might have. To Delta, Aella is a demon and demons must perish.

In the universe that these characters live in, demon slayers are deeply relied on to keep demons at bay from human civilizations. Demon slayers are usually known for wearing the black shirt that both X and Delta wear. It's how other people know they are demon slayers and can hire them to get rid of a demon. Demons, on the other hand, can be really dumb or really smart depending on how old they are. Younger demons usually are known as low ranked and easier to destroy. Older demons are ranked higher and are not to be taken lightly. Aella is an older demon, yet she is just as reckless as a younger demon. Not many can determine her actual rank at first glance.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Art II -- Mixed Media

I created this collage to show my amusement in reading and making comics. I used my own characters in it and attempted to make one go through a series of portals. The big green thing is supposed to resemble the portal. In the background, I put tons of her adventures through the portal. It is up to the viewer to interpret the order they go in. I used some visual journaling techniques in how the background. The warm colors are actually tissue paper that I layered down and I think it looks really pretty. I wish I had a little more time to fix the portals. They probably could have been done differently.