Sunday, February 9, 2014

Art III -- Appropriation Halfway Point

1. Artists create original art.
-think creatively
-develop original ideas

I used my own idea of making a mom out of a mummy. I didn't use any sources for inspiration, I just made up what I thought would look good and drew it. As I made it, I kind of thought about Starry night, though. On my final, I used the lines on the mummy's apron.

2.  Artists develop art making skills.
- learn techniques and processes
- explore media

I have used pen and ink before, but I feel like I have done more with my skills than I've ever done before. I had never done so much with a pen before and I'm really happy with how it came out and where it is going.

4. Artists take risks.
- try new things
- experiment

To add some color to my project, I plan to use coffee or tea. I think it will help give it the aged look I want it to have. I'm going to test it out on some scrap paper before applying it to the final.

Art III -- Text as an Element

I made balloons fly without any helium in this one. I think that's pretty talented. I used oil pastels on this one.

Art III -- Tension

When I hear tension, I think of a battle. I thought that the most tense part of a battle is the last few seconds before the victory. That being so, I sketched out this. I used markers and colored pencils.