Monday, October 24, 2011


To make stencils, I had to first choose a picture. I chose a Pokemon. Specifically, Purrloin.

Purrloin! I choose you!

I then made it black and white on photo shop and had to trace it and create a bigger version on some poster board. I then created a frame and painted it as to make it pretty. I used many complimentary colors to help with emphasis in the final piece. In the end, it looked really good.

I enjoyed making this and I would do it again if I had the chance.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Oil Pastel Expressive Portrait

I decided while making this piece, my sister really needed a spolight. So, I drew her. I love her new look, don't you?

She's never looked better if I do say so myself. I really enjoyed making her so I guess I will do this again... as soon as I can get myself some oil pastels for home.

Brick Mosaics

Recently, my group created a mosaic with chalk

In the school's courtyard.

We placed dots on the bricks to tell us what to color them and soon our mosaic grew.

And grew...

And grew...

Until finally it was done! Now there is giant kitten that watches the students roam around the courtyard all day.

This piece was fun to make but at one point our group lost count and couldn't figure out where we were in the mosaic. Perhaps if we had gone from left to right all the way across the mosaic, and not skipped around, we would have not gotten lost.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Value Shading!

I really tried my best at drawing Amber, but I know there is still a lot I can work on.

For one, I made her eyes too small and some of the shading seems a bit off, but otherwise, I'm still proud of it. I really liked making it but I think it will have to be one of those practice to get it right sort of things. If I do decide to do this again, I will have to invest in a stump thingy. I liked shading with it.

Mud Painting!

By using mud, my group re-created WHAM! On the sidewalk outside the classroom.
First, we made the picture bigger on a sheet of paper and poked holes through it so we could put it on the sidewalk with chalk by rubbing the chalk through the holes and onto the sidewalk.

Afterwards we used mud of different shades,

and painted the chalky outline in a four color gray scale with the mud. It came out pretty good too. I enjoyed making it, but if I were to do it again, I'd have made the holes bigger on the sheet of paper to make the outline easier to see. I also would have liked to not have as many sticks running through the mud since it kept putting the wrong shades in different areas.