Monday, September 30, 2013

Drawing-- Interesting Point of View

Isn't looking down from the ceiling of a ballroom cool? I thought it would be. Turns out, I'm scared of heights. I used a pencil for this piece as charcoal and I are sworn enemies. Considering I used pencil and got the darker values so dark, I think I did pretty good.

Art II-- Up Close and Personal

What can be more up close and personal than playing sports where a ball could hit you in the face? I even drew it so you aren't getting hit. You should be so happy.
I made the background seem more bland in color for the hands and ball to stand out. I chose the oil pastels because oil pastels and me get along really well and you just can't deny spending a few days with a good friend. Of course, I attempted using black paper and the color black, which I never do. I was glad I tried this out since it outlined the hands and ball better. At least, in my opinion, it did that.

Drawing-- Paper Bag

Above is a paper bag done in charcoal. My experience with the charcoal pencil is one that I try to forget as charcoal and me don't get along very well. My brothers get along better with me than charcoal. Either way, I used contour lines. I believe this added depth and helped show creases in the bag. This piece actually looks really nice. (When it's really far away.)