Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Drawing -- Figure Drawing

This is Ed. I sit next to him in Drawing. He's sleeping here. I had to quickly draw him as simple shapes first. That's what a figure drawing is. It helped me figure out how to get him to look proportional and to get the body language of him being sleepy just right. I usually don't like charcoal, but using it so much in the practice helped improve my abilities, so that's pretty cool I guess. I used shading to help show mass and volume.

Drawing -- Look How That Animal Moves

I used texture by making the bird appear smooth and the bushes look leafy. I showed movement by having the bird's wings out so he's flying. I had lots of time management issues. The lessons in class showed me how to make better textures.

Art II -- Portraits

To be honest, I really dislike how this piece turned out. I had an image in my head of origami making a person, but it just didn't turn out as well as I imagined. I guess if I had made my workspace bigger or had more time to fold the origami as to have more origami to create the piece, it might have come out better, but either way, I would never do this again. I tried to make my brother since he likes origami, but he should find a new hobby because his current one now drives me crazy.

Art II-- A Sticky Situation

For my sticky situation, I thought about lots of things. The thing that stood out to me was that we were using paint, something that could become a sticky situation in itself. So I did just that. I didn't just paint a sticky situation, I made one. So I repeated lots of splatter techniques on this guy and I also repeated the brick wall behind him. The splatters were tough, since I needed to be tame with my splattering as to not get paint on everyone else's art (Sorry to Tate), but I think it came out quite nicely. I liked the mini lesson we had on using a palette knife. It helped me with the bricks.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Drawing-- Oh the Places We Will Go

As all should know, the Earth is round. Yet, it's not a sphere as most think. It's flat and round, like a pizza. It rides on the back of four elephants who ride on the back of a giant turtle in space. That is what I made. Yes, this is space and I used watercolor and pens. I wanted to take a different look on space and I think I did really well.  I used lots of cross hatching and contour lines as well as painting with darker shades to add value. The hardest part had to be using both medias to add value, since I didn't want the pen to take away from the paint or the paint to take away from the pen.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Drawing-- Interesting Point of View

Isn't looking down from the ceiling of a ballroom cool? I thought it would be. Turns out, I'm scared of heights. I used a pencil for this piece as charcoal and I are sworn enemies. Considering I used pencil and got the darker values so dark, I think I did pretty good.

Art II-- Up Close and Personal

What can be more up close and personal than playing sports where a ball could hit you in the face? I even drew it so you aren't getting hit. You should be so happy.
I made the background seem more bland in color for the hands and ball to stand out. I chose the oil pastels because oil pastels and me get along really well and you just can't deny spending a few days with a good friend. Of course, I attempted using black paper and the color black, which I never do. I was glad I tried this out since it outlined the hands and ball better. At least, in my opinion, it did that.

Drawing-- Paper Bag

Above is a paper bag done in charcoal. My experience with the charcoal pencil is one that I try to forget as charcoal and me don't get along very well. My brothers get along better with me than charcoal. Either way, I used contour lines. I believe this added depth and helped show creases in the bag. This piece actually looks really nice. (When it's really far away.)