Friday, March 21, 2014

Art III -- Appropriation Final

3. Artists communicate through their work.
- self-express
- include personal interests
- examine important issues

I wanted this art piece to show a mom, but not the every day, run of the mill kind of mom. She had to be somewhat frightening while showing that mom vibe of helping out her family and being a good mother in general. I went with a bit of a stereotype to help show this by shoving my mummy in the kitchen. Moms can be pretty cool, though. I mean, everyone has a different mom (unless it's your sister or brother or something.) Most think of mom and they wouldn't exactly say cool, they would probably say kind or caring. I wanted to show how cool a mom can actually be. So, why not a really cool looking mummy? My own mother likes zombies and stuff, but she hates werewolves. Most don't know that by looking at her. I kind of realized halfway through this project that everyone should look at my drawing and think of how quirky their own mom can be.

5. Artists collaborate.
- share ideas and knowledge
- teach
- help

I actually asked for tons of help on this piece. I really didn't want to mess up. I mostly asked, "Does this look good?" and "I feel like it's missing something. Would you say this needs  (Insert art supply)?"
Most of the time, I was reassured that the piece looked fine and that I hadn't messed up yet. This really helped me out. I kind of inspired myself on this piece, though.

6. Artists solve problems.
- try alternative solutions
- use mistakes as learning opportunities

I had written earlier that I had hoped to use coffee as the color for the background and not the color coffee, but the actual beverage to paint with. Yet, I had problems. My coffee only came in one shade and it was really light. I tried using tea as well, but that was even lighter than the coffee. I ended up having to use watercolor anyways for parts of the background. It still looks good, but not all of it is coffee, which can be a little depressing.

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