Monday, November 26, 2012

Cinemagraph Ideas

So, my first idea is that someone is holding a DS and his or her hands are completely still, but the game is moving like someone is playing it. It wouldn't have to be photographed anywhere in particular for this idea and I'd just need to bring my DS for the prop. I think it would need up to 30-40 photos of the game progressing... I'm not sure. Once on photoshop, I'd just need to erase the hands following the first photo.

My next idea is that someone can hold a drawing and the drawing can move. Like the person in the drawing is walking around or something. I think I'd actually like to see the person who is holding the picture's face as well. For this one, I'm thinking of photographing it with a friend I see in the morning if she is okay with it. That means it would be taken in the Gym Lobby at school or perhaps another place we can meet up that has people that can be behind her. As for props, I'd need to draw out some pictures of a someone moving around for my friend to hold. I'm thinking of up to 20-30 photos. When it's moved to photoshop, I'd have to erase my friend and the backgroundin all pictures following the first.

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